Thursday, October 6, 2011

My First Blog Award!

Thanks to Marianne who passed on the One Lovely Blogger Award, it's my first award ever and I'm so excited. More so since this is only my sixth post on my 'newish' blog.

Now I have to tell you seven things about me, which I know you've been dying to know! They aren't in any order of importance.

One I like pens, like crazy like pens, the smaller the writting the better, so far I've found 0.3mm but there's got to be smaller out there right, I'll just keep looking. Some one could fill my stockings full of pens for Christmas and I would be crazy happy.

Two I'm very creative,  I write novels, short stories, poetry, I paint, I craft, I like to redecorate my house, but I have horrible confidence when it comes to showing my work and one bad word can stop my creativity cold for a long time. I try not to dwell on it and know that I shouldn't but it hurts, especially when it's family that tells you these things.

Three I love being outside, anyday, anytime, any weather. I sometimes get up in the middle of the night and go walk around my pitch black acreage. It is totally freaky - especially with the Moose out there, but it rejuvenates me and makes me feel so much better. I dream of designing a house that truly brings the outside in and makes it possible for me to 'live' outdoors.

Four I'm an insomniac and a Lucid dreamer. One is caused by the other actually. Because I never get more then three hours of consecutive sleep, I've learned to push myself into REM sleep very quickly. Since I have such vivid dreams they can sometimes be very disturbing, but in my self-preservation of wanting to sleep, I've learned to 'walk'  in my dreams and make conscious changes to them while sleeping. On the plus side, I get a lot of good story ideas from my crazy dreams.

Five The two things that I always wanted to be when I grew up, was someone who can help people get healthy (holistically) and create homes for the way we live. I have countless architectural designs of homes and health articles clippings and pages. One day, maybe I'll grow up! lol!

Six I have one sister and two brothers. The brother that I was closest to died when I was fifteen. My other brother lives far away and sometimes I forget he's there and vice versa. My sister lives close but we are like night and day. Somedays I really miss my siblings.

Seven I don't think I'm very good at blogging. I tend to talk myself into circles when trying to make a point and always feel that I never really get the right message across. But I keep at it, hoping that practice will fix the problems.

And now to the nominees.

Avangeline - who doesn't post often but I always enjoyed her posts.

Angela - Because her posts always make me think, which is always a good thing.


  1. Some nice revealing points there Heidi, really made me think about some of them myself. As to growing up, try to stick to a motto I live my life by "Growing old is mandatory, growing up optional."

    After all I think you experience a whole set of wonder each time you go somewhere if you keep that child part of you alive. Too often its easy to let the cynical adult rule but if you look at things with a sense of wonder its really magical. When I lived in Cumbria (the Lake District) my twin and I were always on the look out for something different, so much so that he found a Water Scorpion. (My Dad at the time didn't have a clue what it was.)

    So finding that curiosity is key to keeping youself young. After all the world is full of answers but finding that question that keeps you asking, thats the key.

  2. Great post, Heidi. Nice to get to know you better. Never let someone stifle your creativity - it's hard to put this into action when it hurts your feelings, but the bottom line is that we only have so much time here and you can't waste it doubting yourself.

  3. I totally get your pen thing...I can hardly resist picking up new pens when I go out's silly really cause I do all my writing on my computer these days ;-)

    Great post! And thanks for the nomination!

  4. I feel for you, I do. Being compelled by your creativity to put yourself, via your work, 'out-there', but also to be sensitive to criticism... I imagine being you can be tough some days. There's no quick-fix either, as we each need to find our own way to take the knocks, but still be open to learning from them... I tell you when I've found my own answers... although humour helps me a bit.

    As for the quality of your blog posts, I've always found them interesting and readable. I think you are being a little harsh in your self-criticism there...

    Nice to get to know you a little better, my bet is your friends find you and your creativity refreshingly good company. Keep blogging, and don't let the oiks grind you down ;).

  5. Great post...I share your pen obsession. It's a sickness. I have to stop myself at conventions or I come home with dozens.