Thursday, October 6, 2011

Books can change more than just your mind!

Book 3 – 28 Days to a New You.Christine Green

                I don’t ever pick up let alone buy ‘diet’ books because I tend to think that they are full of lies and garbage meant to keep us ‘fat’ so as to perpetuate the ‘diet’ industry. This book was on the bargain table at Chapters one day and since I was interested in learning more about ‘detoxifying the body’, I picked it up.
                The first thing I noticed and what convinced me to buy it, was that it wasn’t full of fad gimmicks, disgusting drink mixes, crazy lifestyle changes, or anything else outrageous. I also liked that the Detox diet that she talks about happens over the course of 28 days, actually all the plans in this book take 28 days based on the fact that it takes that long for our bodies to develop habits.
                I didn’t ever think that a three day or one week detox diet was ever a good idea – I liken this idea to taking an ice cold shower on a hot day, sure it gets you cold really fast, but it shocks your body into recovery mode so that your body will start to heat itself up making you hotter not colder. If you started with warm water and then gradually cooled it down, then your body cools down slowly and safely as well. This idea works with detox and any diet in my opinion.
                So when I opened this book and looked at the detox plan, it made sense to me, and I did the diet the following February. I didn’t do it to lose weight and I didn’t lose a lot, just a few pounds, but what I did loose was inches, about three of them off my waist, hips, and thighs. But that wasn’t the best thing that happened.
                The best thing was the way I felt, I had more energy, less mood swings, was happier, had better relations with family, worked better, thought faster, felt smarter, etc.
                The Detox plan also taught me something very important about how my entire being reacts to the food I eat. Not just my body but my emotions, my brain, my skin, all of it. During the diet I had one day of temptation – Shrove Tuesday I had pancakes and sausages – within an hour of eating the pancakes I literally fell asleep in my chair at work.
                I did manage to develop some habits from this plan and continued to use them in my life for about a year and a half afterwards. Until I got a whole lot of stress in my life and fell back into the easy old ways of eating poorly and feeling worse. It’s a lot easier to eat unhealthy then it is to eat healthy but hopefully as I take on another of the Diet plans in this book, I will develop and stick with some good habits.
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  1. Thanks for that Heidi,
    To be honest I tend to work with portion control. I don't see the point in limiting what you want to eat, just as long as you can enjoy what you want in moderation.

    For example I weigh out a certain amount of pasta to go with a basic sauce I make from scratch rather than just go by eye. Its making changes on a simple level that makes sense or something that you can mentally get behind that makes the whole thing work. Great stuff and I might look into that book at some point as I feel that I could do with a little detox to get my levels back up.

  2. It seems as though we're not just what we eat, but we act on what we eat too...

    I am in SO much trouble :)